Where is the value

Bluemetric offers

Unique investment insights

Our clients profit from research by academics and asset managers alike. The insights gained inform the advisory process by adding a substantive aspect. This aspect, considered in addition to the client's preferences, enables us to draw the unbiased and independent insights that are necessary in an investment process.

Access to Tier 1 investors

Our clients utilise our broad platform of other clients' assets in order to gain access to Tier 1 investors both in Public & Private Markets. Tier 1 investors grant our clients access to their platform, favouring the size of our platform and the nature of our clients, among other things. In general, our clients are able to take decisions quickly and efficiently.

Informed decision making

Bluemetric always presents the client with different investment options, setting out the pros and cons of the various options available. Being aware of all the options and their accompanying characteristics enables our clients to make decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Full insight in total wealth

We provide our clients with full insight into all financial components of their specific wealth. In doing so, we clearly distinguish risk from return and provide the client with calculations for different scenarios. These calculations are based not only on generic events but also on client-specific events, giving the client insight into possible returns and risks.

Where is the value

We provide value by combining the aforementioned value pillars for our clients. The combination of these specific value pillars results in bespoke portfolios catering to our clients’ needs. These bespoke portfolios are characterised by a clear, hands-on and robust approach, resulting in optimal performance at low cost. This combined approach, together with our independence, puts our clients in charge of their own wealth.


~ 100 years different areas within Finance & Investments with (inter) national companies like UBS, ABN AMRO, Rabobank and others


Various data platforms providing insight in markets, solutions and providers


Local regulators like AFM, DSI & KIFiD


Min. University grade combined with follow on educations like RBA & CAIA


Select number of clients


No in-house products or financial ties to other companies